About us

Company profile

AIDOG Automation Limited is a technology-based company headquartered in Hong Kong. Together with our R&D team in Singapore, AIDOG is specialized in the provision of industrial automation solutions and machineries in different scale of operations. Our team’s technological achievements have been highly recognized by industry experts.

AIDOG is competent in developing proprietary technology and design on both hardware and software solutions. Our technical knowhow has already laid a stone foundation for the development of our own new products as well as the capability and flexibility to create customized solutions and products to serve the dynamic demands from different manufacturers which are eager to implement their cost-saving production lines by adopting our concept of “Automation”

To serve the unavoidable trend of industrial automation, AIDOG has already developed a wide variety of products to capture this surging market demand. Some of our products include CNC machining centers, CNC milling centers, automated dispensing machines, automated screwing machines, CNC laser marking machines, fixture houses, and etc. By leveraging on our portfolio of products and proprietary technology, we can then easily design and create customized solutions and products for different manufacturers. Our strong connections with some leading manufacturers in HK, mainland China and other countries such as Taiwan, Korea, South East Asia, Europe and U.S.A. can also definitely speed up the business growth of AIDOG.